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Web-To-Publish with ci-book™

The web-to-publish solution ci-book™ enables the production of advertising and communication materials for print and online media, which can be revised according to central corporate identity specifications and corporate design for current situations, regional circumstances and individual requirements and published for numerous media formats.


Variable import options for Adobe™ InDesign™ packages to prepare the advertising material templates.


Clear management of templates and documents including customisable navigation structures.


Modern, HTML5-based WYSIWYG editor for editing content and layout specifications.


Variable layout adaptations for different media formats and areas of application in print and online.


Dynamised exchange of type systems and specific image material based on region, rights and roles.


High-resolution PDF generation for various print specifications and various export options for HTML-based advertising material.


Internal or external digital asset management for providing, uploading and downloading various file formats.


Optional export and import function for external translation management systems and spelling corrections.


Process-orientated workflow management including detailed rights and role management at individual and group level.


Comprehensive recording and analysis of processes and activities, optionally with graphical processing and export function.


Solid logging and synchronisation of processing steps including versioning and restoration.


Documented and searchable archive material for the reuse of successful advertising and communication media.


Three licence models with low entry costs per month and user.


Secure access, optionally with SSO connection.


High system availability with Amazon's AWS™ or Microsoft's Azure™.

Corporate design with ci-book™

The production of advertising and communication materials requires a high degree of flexibility within the framework of corporate design guidelines. Thanks to the ci-book™ approach and the applications available, this flexibility can be achieved by segmenting templates and documents into their structural components and enabling publications in various formats for different media.


Convert independently developed templates with or without the support of d-serv GmbH into an Adobe™ InDesign™ package and import them using the ci-book™ • Template Transformer.


Categories and tags can be created independently with the ci-book™ • Category & Tag Editor, whereby templates, documents and publications can be found in the desired navigation structures.


Sortable and filterable views of provided templates or individualised documents for all users, groups and administrative roles.


With the ci-book™ • Process Organiser, general workflows can be integrated and flexibly adapted. Specific workflows can also be defined for each template and the documents based on it.


The ci‑book™ • Universal Editor has two rights-dependent modes: In »Edit Mode«, texts can be edited and images processed; In »Design Mode«, numerous document properties can also be changed.


The ci‑book™ • Asset Manager manages images in various file formats and offers them for selection or - if permitted - for exchange in the ci‑book™ • Universal Editor, for example.


The ci-book™ • Jobtype Organiser is used to define specifications such as watermarks, document standards or similar for PDF, JPG or PNG files, which must be taken into account when rendering the files later.


The ci-book™ • Job Advertiser offers the provision of online job adverts, whereby HTML templates provided by job portals are adopted and structured meta information is integrated.


The ci-book™ • Translation Manager enables the import and export of texts in the most frequently used and standardised XLIFF format. An external translation memory system can be connected as an option.


In addition to the pure archiving function for publications, these can be set in ci-book™ so that they can continue to be edited or reused by authorised users.


The ci-book™ • User Management is used to create and manage individual users and any required groups with corresponding roles and rights. Optionally and alternatively, an existing user administration can be integrated.


The ci-book™ • Comment Maker - function within the ci-book™ • Universal Editor application allows all authorised users to comment directly on certain elements of individual templates or documents and view them at any time.


The ci-book™ • Activity Reporter records and analyses numerous activities on the ci-book™ platform in real time. In addition, various graphical analyses can be generated and various export options can be used for subsequent external processing.


The ci-book™ • Pricelist Allocator offers the option of including preferred (print) service providers in the production and delivery process by means of stored price lists; price lists can be assigned directly to individual templates or the resulting documents.


The ci-book™ • Platform Communicator offers numerous options for internal communication on the ci-book™ • Platform; specific information and applications on the start page, individual support e-mail addresses or a calendar for training courses and links to (online) videos.

Brand management with ci-book™

ci-book™ supports marketing and communication managers by providing brand-compliant templates including the connection of supplementary data sources. Corporate design guidelines are thus adhered to in the production of print and online advertising materials and correctly applied by all employees in marketing, sales or support, ensuring the uniform appearance of a brand.

Reach customers

With ci-book™, your customers receive personalised messages with a brand-compliant appearance and without any loss of quality.

Support users

ci-book™ is the result of 20 years of development expertise and feedback from over ten thousand users.

Integrate partners

With ci-book™, you can offer your partner companies a centralised and modern solution for the production of CD-compatible communication media.

Control brands

With ci-book™ you can achieve consistent enforcement of your brands in numerous marketing materials on various media.

Maintain corporate design

With ci-book™ you comply with the specifications from the CD and speed up the production process for customised advertising material.

Guarantee quality

With customisable rule sets in line with your corporate design, you avoid potential errors in the communication materials produced.

Stay flexible

With customisable workflows, a variety of add-on applications, scalable licensing models and various integration options, ci-book™ can be deployed quickly.

Reduce costs

With the integration of all participants at a central location, ci-book™ reduces your process costs by up to 30% and your maintenance costs for decentralised software applications.

Save time

ci-book™ is also used for continuous archiving and permanent provision of successful advertising material, allowing you to implement new campaigns promptly.

Master processes

ci-book™ provides modified and approved advertising and communication media without the need to send confidential data via insecure channels.

Automate processes

ci-book™ supports you in the automated reuse of communication tools and their distribution or provision for various media.

Reuse templates

If you need to republish certain advertising and communication materials, you can use ci-book™ to reuse individual design elements as well as entire campaigns.

Single source publishing with ci-book™

ERP, PIM, ECM, WCM and CRM systems are widely used and specialised in their areas of application. However, for many marketing and communication tasks, as well as sales and recruitment tasks, ci-book™ can reduce the number of sources and systems required and make work easier thanks to its numerous functions and export formats.

Text synchronisation

Would you like to find out what the original text of the initial template reads? With the text comparison function of ci-book™, you can view changed text at the same time as the original text.

Text translation

Do you need to internationalise texts and work with professional translation agencies? ci-book™ offers an export function for the XLIFF format, which is used as standard for translations.


Would you like to recognise typing and input errors and automatically receive correction suggestions? This function is still under development - but ci-book™ can offer it optionally and after consultation for some languages.

Image management

Would you like to use images from external data sources? In ci-book™, images can be managed as well as accessed directly via the editor and integrated into the corresponding templates and documents.

Image exchange

Do you use different logos, signets, graphics or image areas that need to be automatically loaded into a template? ci-book™ supports the automated image exchange of predefined image areas.

Image formats

Do you use different image formats and want to offer different options? With ci-book™, selected templates can be provided in the required image formats and desired options.

Scalable layouts

Do you need »fluid, liquid or responsive layouts« for different, usually digital media formats? With ci-book™, the corresponding CD and media-specific rules can be stored for numerous formats.

Variable layouts

Would you like to offer variants for certain layout areas in your advertising and communication materials? In ci-book™, corresponding layout libraries can be connected and selected using the ci-book™ • Universal Editor.

Flexible layouts

Do you have flyers, brochures or newsletters with the same layout structure but with different colour sets? With ci-book™ you can choose from several different colour sets for one template.

Print resolutions

Do you want to ensure that no ‘pixelated’ images appear in the print result? ci-book™ offers an automatic image check during upload to ensure the required print resolutions.

Colour profiles

Do you need different CMYK and RGB profiles for your print and online-based advertising materials? ci-book™ supports all common colour profiles used in print and online publishing.

Font switching

Do you need to switch from the Latin to the Cyrillic or Chinese font system? A language-specific dynamic exchange of font systems can take place with ci-book™ according to predefined rules.

Preview PDF

Do you need a preview for screen viewing including a watermark or a pre-print in the office without crop marks? ci-book™ can generate and provide customised preview documents as PDFs.

Standard PDF

Would you like to produce accessible PDFs according to the PDF/UA standard that specific programmes can also ‘read aloud’? ci-book™ can integrate the necessary descriptions made with the ci-book™ • Universal Editor into the PDF.

Digital Print PDF

Do you want to use pre-configured print products or standardised export options for digital print files? ci-book™ also offers this option and the generated PDF can be sent directly to preferred print shops.

Define workflow

Do you work with different parties and have established workflows that you want to retain? With ci-book™, you can define suitable workflows and produce end products with known processes.

Check status

Do you want to be informed about approvals, print jobs and other completed processes? If desired, ci-book™ can inform all participants in a specific workflow by email as soon as a certain status is reached.

Comment results

Would you like to comment directly on documents and their content or processing status for approvals? ci-book™ offers a note function so that everyone involved is informed not only via email, but also within ci-book™.