The d-serv GmbH…

  • offers software development and IT services with a focus on web and cloud-based applications and solutions,
  • has proven expertise in scalable systems and various software and cloud architectures,
  • has existed at its core since 1999 and can draw on relevant know-how and practical knowledge through its many years of experience, and
  • has been able to establish itself in the market for web-to-publish solutions with its ci-book™ • platform developed as Software as a Service.

Company key figures

  • 75% of total annual sales are generated through recurring income.
  • 3% is the gross margin due to investments.
  • 30% of annual revenue is invested in research projects.
  • 3 successful projects in the field of AI development and implementation (GAN, LLM, Image Recognition).

Corporate values

Focusing on people

Our consulting, implementation and services are geared to the requirements, expectations and needs of our clients and their target groups.

Building trust

Our customers benefit from our know-how and can continue to operate and develop our solutions on their own if required.

Generating added value

Our solutions effectively and efficiently generate verifiable added value for our clients.

Accompanying life cycles

Whether before, during or after a project or product launch, we achieve qualified results.

Offering support

We support our customers with goal-oriented training, ideal support solutions and regular knowledge transfer.

Customer satisfaction

  • Customers remain for 8 years [Ø].
  • The cost of acquisition is less than 5% of the first year's sales.
  • The contract term is 3 years [Ø].
  • Approximately 70% acquire additional products, applications or functions.
  • Approximately 20% of recurring revenue is generated through additional services.
  • The interaction time on the ci-book™ • Platform is 1.5 hours [Ø].


In addition to its team, d-serv GmbH and in particular its managing partner Pietro Triscari can draw on a network of great people with different areas of expertise and established companies from various service sectors. Either for increasing the resources required for larger projects or for co-operative collaboration in the field of new technologies.
The results of this collaboration are the provision of AI-based applications or the development of new product areas that expand the scope of the ci-book™ web-to-publish solution. Innovative web applications such as the Virtual Planning Office with its BauKI or the ci-book™ • KeyVisual Creator with LogoAI are two examples of this.

The Team…

  • has over 120 "person-years" of experience in the areas of organisation, communication, production, design and development,
  • consists of almost 70% developers plus the 3 management levels CEO, CMO and CTO,
  • masters not only the product and support, but also the collection and preparation of customer data for marketing or sales,
  • is supported by a broad-based network if required and
  • is currently looking for new colleagues...


The d-serv GmbH is a recognised IHK apprenticeship company and offers:


The d-serv GmbH is regularly looking for suitable team members, in particular:


The university city of Tübingen is located around 30 kilometres south of Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg. With 92,000 inhabitants and 28,000 students, it is the third-largest medium-sized city in the state in terms of population and one of the youngest cities in Germany in terms of average age. In addition to the university, the university hospitals are the largest employers. Located directly at the river Neckar and only a few kilometres away from the Swabian Alb, Tübingen offers numerous leisure activities close to nature.

Management and Associate [CEO]

Pietro Triscari

  • studied at the University of Tübingen,
  • developed a business idea for »Digital Services« (d-serv) and their practical realisation within the form of an OHG in 1999,
  • founded d-serv GmbH in 2005, with a focus on the development and distribution of the web-to-publish solution ci-book™,
  • is currently the sole managing director.

Consulting and Project Management [CTO]

Ugur Cetin

  • studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart,
  • has worked for 20 years on large construction projects in plant and mechanical engineering in the areas of data/plan management, IT process consulting and project management and
  • has been with d-serv GmbH for 4 years.

Marketing and Productmanagement [CMO]

Michael Marek M.A.

  • has studied General Rhetoric, History of Art, Economics and Empirical Cultural Studies at the University of Tübingen.
  • has been working for 24 years as a concept developer, usability engineer and user experience designer for various companies in the communications and IT sectors and
  • has been with d-serv GmbH for 6 years.