ci-book™ • KeyVisual Creator

ci-book™ • KeyVisual Creator


As a comprehensive web-to-publish solution, ci-book™ offers numerous extensions that further support the central tasks in marketing as supplementary applications.

One of these tasks is the design and creation of logos and signets for various publications.

Short description

  • With the optionally available ci-book™ • Key Visual Creator, individual specifications such as the source image, desired font and possible text information can be entered in order to then generate an icon-text combination as a unique key visual with the help of LogoAI.
  • The source image - for which the copyright or usage rights must be available - should ideally be in PNG format and imported. This source image is then processed using LogoAI in the "image-to-icon style" process in order to obtain a vector-based graphic as the basis for the key visual.
  • After selecting a licence-free font or uploading your own licensed font, the text components of the key visual can be defined; for example, the company, brand or product name with or without an additional line of text, such as a subline or a claim.
  • These individual components for image and text generated by LogoAI are then combined and can be edited to a limited extent (colours, dimensions). If the result is not satisfactory, the process and transmission of the data to LogoAI can be restarted.
  • The generated key visual is available as a vector graphic and can be provided or exported as a PNG or SVG file format.